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Bright Hope ministry was founded by my sister Ruth to communicate what God was teaching her through her suffering with cancer. The Bright Hope website served primarily to facilitate Ruth’s speaking engagements. Now that Jesus has taken her home, that function is no longer needed, so the website will be taken offline. This page will serve as the new home for some of its practical resources and will also include links to archived posts that I have written about Ruth’s journey.


Preventing Spiritual Breakdown When Disaster Strikes                                                  Hoping that disaster will somehow forget to pay us a visit is no substitute for intentionally and daily living now in ways will withstand the storms. Ruth gleaned insights from some of the leading Christian thinkers, and added her own careful thoughts on cultivating a Spirit-dependent and disciplined life. The second page brings together relevant Scripture references and a brief listing of some of the best practical books by those who have trusted God in suffering. I have turned to this resource repeatedly to have my thinking challenged and enriched.

Ministering to those in Crisis                                                                                                    Much of the book of Job is taken up by a progressively nasty debate between Job and his friends, who seem not to have grasped that they might have been better off if they had limited their expressions of comfort to what they did. We sincerely want to avoid being trivial or insensitive, but often don’t know how to respond to those in severe suffering. Ruth shares practical suggestions from her experience that point us in a helpful direction.

Ruth’s testimony brochure and DVD are also available free of charge on request. If interested, post a comment requesting either of these resources and include your mailing address. Your message will be deleted, and your contact information will be used only for sending the resource requested.

Archived Posts

Keep Bright Hope Alive

In the Middle of Hardship, Christmas is Right on Time

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