Your piece of the action

One of Cal Thomas’s favorite quips is that every morning he reads the Bible and The New York Times, so he knows what both sides are doing. Though I don’t read The New York Times every morning, I do read the Bible before getting any news reports. I want God to tell me what to think about the news before the Associated Press does.

One of those things that God tells me to think is in Revelation 11:15: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ . . .” Do we realize that this has already begun? God is now systematically dismantling Satan’s kingdom and building Christ’s kingdom.  

God is doing this, and with Satan’s help no less. So in the midst of a destructive earthquake in Haiti, thousands of Gospel-hardened people, including a number of witchdoctors, repented and were born into the family of God. While Iran proceeds with its nuclear program, Mahmoud Ahmadineijad loudly complains that tens of thousands of Iranians are turning to Christ right under the considerable nose of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Instead of feeling helpless about world events, let’s remember that we can be a vital part of the overthrow of Satan’s kingdom for God’s glory.

When you listen to a co-worker complain about the hypocrisy of professing Christians, (as I have), remember that all it takes is the faithful testimony of one life–yours–to remove that person’s excuse for rejecting Christ. One beam of light will pierce the darkness. I cannot stop the Cordoba Mosque from being built, but I can go to the local mosque and build bridges of witness to Muslims in my own community.

Aslan is on the move. Get moving with Him so that you won’t miss your piece of the action in the greatest upset in history.

“. . . and He shall reign forever and ever.”


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1 Response to Your piece of the action

  1. eric says:

    The hypocrisy of professing Christian is a refrain I hear a lot and you are absolutely right that our responsibility in that regard is to pray that God will work in us to keep us abiding in Him, so when these folks look at us, they see Christ. With a couple of folks that I work with, I struggle to keep my natural inclination to debate in check and merely allow Christ work in them and through me.


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