The Gospel for Muslims

As a former Muslim, Thabiti Anyabwile [on yob WEE lay] is living proof that the Gospel is the power of God to Muslims. He knows that most Christians are afraid to talk to Muslims and are intimidated by the theological expertise they think is required. In The Gospel for Muslims: An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence, he shows why every Christian who understands the Gospel is equipped to share it with Muslims.

This book is the ideal introduction for those who know little about Muslim evangelism. It has an excellent balance of doctrine, example and practical suggestion. With a joyful style, Anyabwile invites his readers to listen as he excitedly tells of his many conversations with Muslims. These conversations illustrate his points in a way that invites us to follow him out the door and join the next encounter.

In Part 1, Anyabwile discusses how you can present Gospel truths in chapters dealing with each of the major obstacles in Muslim thinking. For instance, Muslims believe that Jesus’ substitutionary death makes God to appear unjust. With Muslim objections in mind, he shows how Jesus’ death was the only way to satisfy God’s justice.

Anyabwile’s own conversion from Islam to Christ partly resulted from reading the Qur’an’s affirmations of major portions of the Bible as God’s Word. He concluded that the Bible’s teachings on salvation had to be true. He quotes several Qur’anic passages that show why even according to the Qur’an, the Bible could not have been corrupted, contrary to what Muslims are taught.

Though Muslims frequently talk of God’s forgiveness, their system ultimately gives them no guarantee of that forgiveness. As an antidote, Anyabwile recommends explaining the Bible’s unique and rich descriptions of conversion (e.g., the new birth, raised from death to life, joined to Christ).

Anyabwile confronts the fear of not knowing “the right answer.” The Christian’s role is “to lift the hands of suppression [of truth]” and “draw out the knowledge of sin, unrighteousness, God and judgment that God has already placed inside their hearts” (p. 48).

In Part 2 Anyabwile shows how to use God’s powerful resources, in chapters on the filling of the Holy Spirit, the Word, Christian hospitality, and our local churches—to display Christ. Unless Christians intentionally seek out Muslims and befriend them, most Muslims will never see that vital witness. For example, many Muslim women have little or no social contact with Christians. Anyabwile makes a heartfelt plea for Christian women to reach out to them with hospitality, an opportunity not open to Christian men. He offers simple, practical tips for reaching these overlooked individuals.

Anyabwile gives five action-provoking reasons to be prepared to suffer for our witness. As an African-American, his insights in the closing chapter on understanding and reaching African-American Muslims are especially valuable.

Authors are pleased enough that people buy and read their books. I will go a step further. I am actually using The Gospel for Muslims to evangelize Muslims. You can purchase it here. Then read this little treasure and be ready to share the Gospel with Muslims—with confidence.


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